Natural Pain Management FAQs

Q.  Who might choose to experience Neural Depolarization™?

A.  Neural Depolarization™ (NDP) is chosen by people seeking a natural pain management therapy for all forms of pain and disease, as well as those seeking to grow beyond depression, increase their level of energy, prevent disease and maintain their body in optimum health. It is also chosen as a means of deep relaxation and relief from stress.

Q.  How is Neural Depolarization™ performed?

A.  The technique is typically performed while the client is lying on a massage table or chair. I will generally work from head to foot, through comfortable clothing, applying a very light fingertip touch to the body.

Q.  What will I feel during an NDP™ session?

A.  What is felt by the client depends on the individual, as the level of sensitivity varies from one person to another. Some people feel a slight sensation of tingling, pulsing, flowing or another equally mild sensation. This is the body’s electromagnetic energy that is being felt. Other people may feel nothing noticeable. This does not lesson the effectiveness of the therapy. Over time they may experience an increase in their level of sensitivity to feeling the energy of their body.

Q.  What should I wear?

A.  The preferred clothing is a thin, natural fabric such as cotton, silk or rayon. Man made fabrics such as polyester or nylon do not work in cooperation with the energy of the body and may reduce the effectiveness of the therapy.

Q.  How long does an NDP™ session take?

A.  A full session is generally 2 hours long. This will entail working through the entire body, regardless of the ailment being addressed. Neural Depolarization™ treats the entire person as a whole, and recognizes that while an illness may manifest itself in one particular part of the body, the cause of the illness often originates elsewhere. Healing can only occur when the cause of the illness is addressed. Individuals are also taught the role they play in their own healing and how they can assist in the healing process.

Q.  How will I feel after experiencing Neural Depolarization™?

A.  Clients have reported feeling more relaxed, peaceful, calmer, happier, more energetic, nurtured and free of pain. Some individuals may experience mild discomfort the next day, as the body goes through the detoxification process.

Q.  How long are your one-on-one talk sessions?

A.  Sessions may be scheduled for 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours or 2 hours. A 1 hour session is recommended for new individuals and may be extended at any time if desired.


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